Library card and fee policies


  1. Upon request a free card will be issued to residents of City of Peru, Indiana.
  2. No fee will be charged for new cards. Expired cards will be renewed upon validation that all information is up to date.
  3. A charge of $2.00 will be levied to replace a lost card.
  4. A fee of $75.00 is charged persons who reside outside the Peru city limits and who do not have a PLAC card. Such a card will be honored for the entire residing household for one year. A 3 month card is also available, for $20.
  5. PROPERTY TAX PAYER other than Peru city residents
    • A person who has paid real estate tax as evidenced by a property tax receipt on property within the city limits of Peru.
    • Corporations or persons owning corporations will not be issued cards.
    • Cards will be made out only to persons whose names are on the tax receipt. Cards will be good for one year subsequent to date of payment. Real estate taxpayers must again present a current tax receipt for card renewal.
  6. Proper identification, including place of residency, will be required prior to the issuance of an adult library card.
  7. Library cards are nontransferable. Books may not be borrowed using another persons card.