Library card and fee policies

Peru Public Library is a City of Peru library. Library cards are funded through property taxes paid by the property owners; therefore, library cards are issued to those reside or own property within the City of Peru borders.


  1. No fee will be charged for new library applications or replacing expired cards.
  2. A charge of $2.00 will be levied to replace a lost card.
    ***Subject to change as per Evergreen policy***
  3. Proper identification, including place of residency, will be required prior to the issuance of an adult library card. See Evergreen Circulation policy
  4. Proper Identification is required each time the card is renewed.
  5. Families are connected (via ID, parent, and address). All family members need to be in good standing for card service.
  6. Children’s applications must be filled out by a parent or legal guardian with the appropriate identification as per Evergreen.
  7. A minor’s application is based on the parent’s library status.
  8. New patrons with an out of state driver’s license are assigned a three month probation date. Once the patron has an Indiana driver’s license the patron can be given the normal expiration date.
  9. Library cards are individual and nontransferable.   
  10. As an occasional courtesy, a patron’s home library may offer to circulate materials to a patron by looking up the patron’s account using a current driver’s license. The current license must match the driver’s license ID number.  Patrons who repeatedly fail to present their library card will be required to purchase a replacement card.
  11. All fines must be paid before a card can be issued and before a card can be renewed.
  12. New card holders are limited 3 items at the time of the first check out. .


  1. The applicant must own the property within the City of Peru library taxing district. The property must be a livable rental unit or occupiable business property.  Property MUST BE in the applicant’s name (or legal spouse’s) to be eligible for a funded card. 
  2. To apply for a card, the adult must provide proof of ownership of the property within the library district (Treasurer Form TS-1A: State Form 53569), approved identification and provide proof of current paid tax receipt for the property. All documentation will be photocopied and attached to library card application.
  3. Business property may be eligible for a funded card.
  4. The applicant’s name (or legal spouse) MUST BE on the property tax statement to qualify.
  5. The applicant must be the owner and taxpayer of the property. The applicant is ineligible for a funded card if he/she is part of group ownership of a property or the representative of the legal owner. 
  6. Corporations, holding companies, or other businesses that do not list individual names on paperwork are ineligible for funded cards.
  7. Those issued personal property tax forms with funds paid to the library are ineligible for funded library cards.
  8. Library cards are individual cards and only valid for one year.
  9. The property tax form (Treasurer Form TS-1A:State Form 53569) and current pay tax receipt MUST BE presented each time a card is renewed.
  10. The library reserves the right to ask for other verifying documentation or to deny applications.


  1. Proper identification will still be required of the original card owner.
  2. The library will call the card owner and verify that the surrogate borrower has permission to use the card in question.
  3. Verification will be done each time the card is renewed.
  4. An alert may be added to the card account if the card holder requests that a surrogate borrower be allowed to use his/her card frequently.


If the individual does not live in a library district (Peru city limits) they may purchase a non-resident card for an additional fee of $75 per individual per year or $25 per individual for 3 months. This library is then considered the individuals “home” library.

 The non-resident card is to be used only by the purchaser and is only valid for one year from date of purchase. Fees are subject to change.


The library must verify that an individual is in “good standing” at their home library.

  1. PLAC card is issued to the purchaser and only the purchaser may use it. Other members of the family must purchase their own card.
  2. This card is only good for one year from date of purchase
  3. Appointments can be made with the director via email to obtain a PLAC card – ONLY the library director shall issue a PLAC card.


  1. If the individual does not live in a library district they may obtain a PLAC at any library after they pay the additional fee required of a non-resident library user. This library is then considered the individuals “home” library
  2. For the Peru Public Library that fee is $75.00 for a non-resident library card PLUS the $65.00 PLAC card.
  3. Fees subject to change annually.