eBooks and eReaders

Here is an article about selecting the best Kindle for you. Keep in mind that various apps may or may not work on all eReaders. If you are wanting to use the device with the library’s digital library, check compatibility first!

Below is a list of websites where you can get a variety of FREE or greatly discounted ebooks and even some audiobooks, for Kindles, Nook, or iPads (and some also offer other options).

Audiobooks read by volunteers (all free): 

Over 33,000 free ebooks, plus discounted ones: 

Download free textbooks or get their premium subscription for access to business books: 

Cheap ebooks, Christian, clean, and wholesome fiction: 

Free and discounted ebooks – and you can even get recommendations from this site:

An internet library of free books, movies, software, music, websites and more: 

An open, editable library seeking to get a web page for every book ever published, but you must have an account with them and we cannot guarantee that the books will be free: 

Google Play’s free ebooks: 

A list of free (for right now…) Kindle ebooks: 

(Nook ebooks and bargain Kindle books will be coming soon to the previous website)

Has some more unusual ebooks, with some free ones everyday: 

Free ebooks for Nooks from Barnes and Noble: 

800 free ebooks for iPads, Kindles, and other devices:

And 900 free audiobooks from the same place: 

Features all new and rising authors, but you must create an account with them: 

Project Gutenberg, which offers over 57,000 free ebooks and focuses on those works which are in the common domain due to copyright expiration (age):