Microfilm copies are $0.20 each. 
Photocopies are $0.20 each (black and white) or $0.50 each (color).

We will do a limited number of obituary requests from the indexed obituaries.

  1. Queries must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  2. There is a $6.00 nonrefundable fee per individual obituary requests. The query must include the name and date of death of the person whose obituary is requested.
  3. For requests other than an obituary search, you will be billed $12.00 per hour, minimum, with a bill being sent along with any results found.

The library does not have a genealogy staff, so we are not able to do requests over the phone. You can email us at with your genealogy requests.

Genealogy Resources (in-house)

Basic Genealogy Info and Help

Miami County Cemeteries

Miami County Genealogies

Microfilm Library


Here’s a look at a free resource available through the Indiana State Library Indiana Legacy site! 

While this index doesn’t include marriage records prior to 1958, other resources are provided that do!