The Peru Public Library


Due to the rising rates of COVID in our county, as well as for the safety of our patrons and staff, all in-person programs have been cancelled at this time.  Thank you for your understanding. We will be closely monitoring the COVID rates and will return to in-person programming as soon as we can.

With it being winter, don’t forget that any weather related closings will be posted on our Facebook Page. Due to a lack of access when off-site, unplanned closings are not posted here!

View of the sidewalk, lampposts, and bushes with a light covering of snow, as snow falling down blurs everything.
The first snow of the season may not have lasted too long, but it was pretty!

As ice accumulation and other winter weather happens, don’t forget that we will be closed if the courthouse is closed or if the roads are deemed unsafe for the staff and patrons.