Online Informational Sites

Car repairs?

Go to Chilton’s DIY website for all sorts of car repair information! It has step-by-step instructions, recalls, part specifications, and more.

Car information and prices?

Go to Kelly Blue Book for information on used and new car prices, as well as car reviews!

Fact-checking? does all the research for you, and will even tell you if something is partially true and partially not! This is for all those internet rumors you see on Facebook, too.

Want to learn something new from actual experts?

Check out edX for access to all sorts of classes from universities nation wide – including schools like Harvard! All the classes should be free, but official certifications for certain courses may cost. 

Local information?

Go to the Miami County Government website for information ranging from court dates to road conditions to marriage information.

Definitions, translations, and writing software?

There are so many options! Check out these ideas:
                         Translations (and a second option as well)
                         Free writing software