Using Libby (A digital library App)

Using Libby

Attached is a brochure telling about the different parts of Libby as well as a brief overview of the set-up process for using this app.

Using Libby and our Digital Library – Brochure

What is Libby?

If you use our digital library on Overdrive, available at, then you’ve probably seen their advertisement for Libby. If you’re new to using our digital library, you will be seeing that. So, what is it?

Libby is an app that can be used to easily manage your digital loans and library shelves.
It can be used to access the digital library of any physical library, and can be used for several cards as well, allowing for easy managing of multiple library cards and their respective digital library checkouts.
Items are automatically returned so you never have late fees.
It is free.
If you are already familiar with using Overdrive online or if you use Kindle to read e-books, don’t worry, you can still elect to not use Libby – but if you do, it will allow you to send books to the Kindle app, it does not replace Kindle (although it can be used instead of Kindle as it allows books to be downloaded onto it for offline access.)
Unfortunately, only items that can be downloaded are available on Libby – items that must be read online are not available to check out via Libby.
It does have system requirements, as well, which means it may not work on every device. You must have:
Windows 10,
Windows 10 mobile,
Android 4.4 or up, or
iOS 9.0 or later (on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch)
to use it.
If you do not have the system requirements for Libby, you can still access Overdrive online. The Overdrive app still works if you have that, but we are not sure for how long it will remain working.

Libby (the app) may be downloaded at these places:
iTunes –
Google Play –
Microsoft –